Saturday, July 23, 2005

Every 2 years?!

Does that sound right? A colonoscopy every 2 years because I am at risk for colon cancer?! Why? That's a frightening thought. Because of the cd/uc? (yes, I should ask at the next dreaded dr's appt). I'm afraid to though because I might start screaming at the dr.

Why? For not having the decency to come see me right after the procedure (now 7 months ago but I'm still pissed). For not having the decency to be the one to tell me the results. (active colitis, had his bitch assitant call me, and if he's lacking bedside manner, she's lacking all common courtesy! ugh she makes me mad)

No, instead some very bitchy person (still can't remember her title, she isn't a dr, but she must've gone to my dr's "school of bedside manner for those who want to avoid any") tell me the results and have the nerve to act like I was annoying her with questions and not accepting her flippant repsonses to them. It was almost 5pm so gosh, it was almost quitting time.

I'm so sick of bad treatment. I keep hearing about people who have "great dr's" and "you should get one" but they must exist if people keep raving about them. I made the mistake though of switching to one once (a primary physician) only to discover he wasn't so great to me. (and have since been passed off to his PA...great, I don't even rate a real dr now?) So maybe this elusive "great dr" is only great to other people. (the passing off is in part, my own fault since the PA is more available than the dr. but still. is this also true of the Gastroenterologist? I see his bitch assistant more than him, and I'm getting tired of that; what a great way to screw over insurance companies full price for a DOCTOR visit, yet only get to see an assistant. Hm... wonder if they're aware...)

I can't recall most of that conversation (with the bitchy woman)...fragments.. how I have to up my medication.. so now I'm taking 125mg Mercaptopurine (splitting the pills in half myself, so it's not exactly even or anything)...the colonoscopy every 2 years (please let that be wrong)...possible lactose intolerance problem....(though I think this is only a problem on some days and with some foods, try explaining that to a wall though, that's how it feels).

Meant to post this in January... so this is a little late...

My last appointment was....June? I can't remember now. The irony was that I didn't want to call the doctor (before that appointment) because I didn't want to be "told" to "make an appointment"....they withhold prescription renewals if you do not go in when they demand it. Did you know (or is that kind of thing only happen to me)? The joke was on me though because I had already made the appointment last November when we scheduled the colonoscopy. Talk about a really bad surprise.

Again, the assisant. And again, she was a bitch. The very first time I was stuck with her she was pleasant. (before that, with the actual dr. present, even more "pleasant") Not anymore. Snippiness about my not keeping a food diary and refusing to take a lactose intolerance test (why? so she can declare me officially lactose intolerant? and then what? do a happy dance? there is no cure so no thanks, I don't need to put myself thru that because "she would like to know") or doing the two weeks no-dairy then binging on dairy on my own to see for myself (at home, I did one week, not two, and had lots of cheddar, which apparently has the least lactose of all the dairy products. um hm. ok.)


I need a new doctor. Primary, Gastro.... etc...

Was thinking how I've been ok so far... these diseases can cause so many problems and so much pain.. and then Saturday night, I'm summoned out of bed with much pain (and that need... you know). A reminder I guess, of what I could have to deal with daily, nightly, all the time. I hope it doesn't continue. Have already upped my Imodium (great stuff) but I don't like needing more. What if taking it daily *does* pose a problem down the road? Been on it for years now too.

So much to worry about. And all those worries send me running to the bathroom. Don't think about it! (yea right)