Monday, December 13, 2004

Doesn't make sense

No seeds, skins, processed, or raw foods. There are some exceptions to this (good) advice. I can have some fruits like apples, pears, oranges, melon. Nothing with seeds though. No berries. Rasberries and strawberries cause me to bleed. Yet I can have blueberries in moderation (or the kind that are cooked in other things but also raw).

The only raw veggie I can tolerate is mushrooms. (Why? I don't know.) The rest have to be cooked or even over-cooked. And the only vegetable I can't have at all is corn, although sometimes, say, in a soup where the kernals can be missed, it's not too big a deal. A whole cob would probably hurt.

Anything can cause a problem at anytime. That's really it. Anything, anytime. Scary.

I often just feel a bit off. Well, I guess it's more truthful to say I usually feel sickly, overtired, and drained. That's normal. And any day I actually feel decent is novel. (and wanted, hoped for).

I wonder if depression is a factor. Probably. How you feel emotionally is bound to effect your physically.


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