Thursday, May 18, 2006

Time soon...

Soon, well, sometime in December. (haha, yea, I'm already worried about it!!)

Guess I didn't have much aspiration for this blog. Started out ok. But its time again for the dreaded colonoscopy. And I don't know what I hate more...the clean-out, or the dr.

(it's close, believe me)

I would LOVE it if someone out there could maybe suggest an alternative to the usual (excrutiating) pre-procedure flush out. If anyone knows of a less painful way? Maybe fasting for a week (with an enema or something) or....??


Hate this disease and it's required "maintenance" and daily pain/precautions.


Blogger mikeyarmo said...

Hi there,

I also have CD, and have my colonoscopy coming up soon too. Unfortunately I am as clueless as you are for a better preparation for it. I like your blog and I think a lot of the members of my forum would like it also. is a forum for anyone affected by any form of IBD. We would love it if you joined us to share in the information, support and laughs we all have together.

Currently each new member triggers a $0.10 donation to the CCFC (Canadian foundation for Crohn's) which should give you an even greater reason to come to the forum. I know everyone would love to hear more about you and know about your blog.

Hope to see you there soon and feel free to let anyone else you know affected by IBD know about the site and promotion.

Take care,


7:57 PM  

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